Incest Fantasy Videos

Incest is a very taboo topic. While real incest is emotionally very damaging, incest fantasy is safe and not harmful. Incest fantasy appeals to a large audience (10% of erotic stories involve incest and are the largest fetish segment of erotic fiction, more popular than even BDSM or LGBT). Yet because it is so taboo, there is almost no video content that caters to this audience. I would like to produce video that uses dialog to imply a family relationship. To do this, I need models who can accept incest fantasy as fiction and see past the taboo nature of the topic.

In general, this is done by adding dialog to other types of video I have described elsewhere on this site. The model may refer to herself as "Mommy". When talking to the camera or to another male, she may call him "Daddy" or refer to herself as "your sister". She may ask him how it feels to see "your mom/sister/daughter" naked or to do whatever to her. She may call him a pervert for being attracted to his mom/sister/daughter.

This will work with the following types of video:

Additionally, this can be used with Princess Domination video. However, instead of implying that she is related to the viewer, she can accuse the viewer of being a pervert because he fantasizes about his mom, sister, or daughter. She can go into great detail about what perverted thoughts and wishes go through his head. She may even suggest, "I'll bet you wish I was your mom/sister/daughter."

There are also more scripted stories that can be acted out. These concentrate less on the nudity or sex and more on the emotional aspects of making it happen. They generally fall into the theme of the guy tricking the girl into getting naked or having sex, or the girl tricking or convincing the guy into it.